Dorm Decorating


I’m really glad I’m not in college anymore. I’m also really glad I have sons. Here’s the reason why, in a story I read in The Washington Post this morning on dorm decorating. Parents are spending thousands on dorm decor for their little darlings—mostly daughters—for this kind of look: Have you ever seen a dorm […]

A Nature-Shrouded Entry by Shinberg-Levinas


Memories of lazy summer days always seem to be gauzy and beautiful, with soft focus given to the intense green of the outdoors. With that in mind, I’m jealous of the owners of this ranch house in Bethesda, who called on the gifted architects at Shinberg-Levinas in DC to create a natural screen that would bring the […]

Wine and Architecture at RdV Vineyards


When Jim and I were returning from our trip to Little Washington, VA, earlier this month, we stopped at our now-standby, Gray Ghost, to get a case of refill for our wine cabinet. But there was another vineyard we’d heard about at an event last year at Todd and Ellen Gray’s Equinox restaurant downtown, which […]

Little Washington: R.H. Ballard Shop and Gallery


I’m sure every one of you have friends on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram who you consider to be really good friends, though you’ve never met them in person. Joanie Ballard, the other of R.H. Ballard, fits into that category for me — it seems like I’ve known her, and we’ve posted on each other’s […]

Little Washington: The White Moose Inn


It’s so hard coming back from a two-week vacation, but two weeks is really the way to go when you truly need a break. During our first week, when the kids were conveniently away at camp, my husband and I snuck away to Little Washington to stay at the Inn — the White Moose Inn, that […]

Dylan Grey Design: Handcrafted Furniture


I think I’ve become obsessed. We’ve turned our attention to our family room, which after 10-plus years, desperately needs a refresh. But amidst all the things we will need to properly furnish it, all I can think about is coffee tables. There are so many great ones out there that we’re nearly paralyzed by all […]

Summer’s Cure: A Great Front Porch


Having lived in Florida at different times in my life, and the rest of it in DC, I know what a hot, sweaty summer is all about. But despite the heat and humidity, we’ve never found as much pleasure sitting outside as we have over the past year with our new front porch. We bought our […]

Big Moving Sales at the DC Design Center


I must admit I hadn’t been to the design center in a long time before last week, when I went to the Kravet showroom for Wayne Breeden’s sendoff party—he’s going into business for himself as an interior designer after more than two decades as Kravet’s beloved showroom manager. First, a note to those who don’t […]

What Happened to Morris-Day?


Anyone who lives in and around Arlington or McLean is familiar with a Morris-Day house, even if they don’t know it. The firm led by architect Rob Morris has changed the landscape of neighborhoods here, designing and building traditionally minded homes with the latest technology and building methods. Here are a few examples:     […]