A Q&A With Chris Lambton of DIY’s Yard Crashers


Just when you can’t even see your yard through all the snow, the lovely Chris Lambton, host of “Yard Crashers” on the DIY Network, is coming to town to put visions of green grass and blooming beauties into our heads. He’ll be speaking, along with his colleague Jeff Devlin of “I Hate My Bath,” at […]

Guest Post: Angela Belt and Sheryl Scruggs


I’m excited to have this guest post from stylist and writer Angela Belt, who’s in charge of the visual merchandising for Room & Board on 14th Street. I wrote a post on her own apartment last year, and in this post, Angela profiles an incredible kitchen transformation by designer Sheryl Scruggs, the owner of DC-based Bronze Interiors. […]

Remembering Sandy Steele


“And that was that.” It seems that no matter who you talk to, those of us lucky enough to have known Sandy Steele have a story about collaborating with her that ends with a quote like this. Sandy never met a stranger, and she was always eager to take on your cause—and that was that. […]

Annie Brahler Explains Aaron Schock’s Office Design


Even if you’re not into interior design, it was hard to ignore last week’s Washington Post story about U.S. Rep. Aaron Schock’s office, and all the squawking that followed. Everyone seems to be shocked—SHOCKED—(Schocked?) that a member of congress would pay an interior designer to decorate his or her office. If you ask me, more members should follow […]

Small Space, Big Style at the Edmonds School


A big thank you to designer Carrie Miller of Lapis Ray Interior Design for sending her project my way: A 496 square-foot condo at the newly renovated Edmonds School in Northeast. Built near the turn of the 20th century, this school and 80 others like it share identical architectural plans. Carrie’s client, a structural engineer, […]

Guest Post: Perceptions Interiors’ Andrea Mason

Leslie Modification2

I’ve had the privilege of meeting so many cool and talented local designers in the course of publishing DC by Design, that in honor of the blog’s fifth anniversary this month, I’m starting a new feature that I hope will further celebrate DC’s design talent—in their own words. For this occasional Guest Post series, I’ll […]

Debbie Wiener’s Designing Solutions: For Sale!


Happy New Year! This is a natural time to think about new beginnings. SO, don’t you wish you could just start a company and turn it into something that’s instantly successful and thriving? That’s what longtime Silver Spring designer Debbie Wiener has to offer. She’s selling her design business, Designing Solutions, which has earned more than […]

360 Live: An Office Right at Home


It’s a week from Christmas, and right smack in the middle of Hanukkah—I think I can safely say we all have holiday brain, right? We’re looking forward to leaving the office for a few days to hang with the family and celebrate. So of course, I’m going to post about an office space, for the […]

DC Designers’ Mod Picks from Apartment Zero


Remember Apartment Zero, the fabulous modern interiors shop in Penn Quarter? Well, they may not have their storefront anymore, but they are still practicing cutting edge design—and selling it. I was just reading their recent newsletter like a magazine this week, seeing what our area’s prominent designers are specifying for their projects. Here are my […]