DC Design House Inspiration, Part II

Designers share their inspirations for their room designs in the upstairs spaces and the rear pool area of the 2017 DC Design House.

A Taste of This Year’s DC Design House

Designers who are decorating rooms in this year’s DC Design House share the inspirations for their room designs, from furniture to fabric to art and lighting.

Renee Comet’s Wedding Stamp Photography

If you read the Food Section of The Washington Post, you’ve seen Renee Comet’s photography. I met her years ago on a shoot for a short-lived Food Network publication, and have followed her work ever since. I’m used to drooling over her food photography, obviously, but I took a double take recently when I saw […]

Designer Skip Sroka’s DC Home, For Sale

When a designer sells his or her house, the buyers are going to be one lucky family.

Guest Post: Gretchen Brown

Gretchen Brown writes in her guest post how her firm, along with architect Tim Abrams, transformed a kitchen originally designed by Hugh Newell Jacobsen.

Introducing the DC Design House 2017

Designers will be asked to transform 25 rooms in this mega-mansion in Potomac, Maryland, for this year’s DC Design House, which is celebrating its 10th anniversary.

Midcentury Style, in Real Time

“Midcentury” has become one of our mosts popular design aesthetics in the 21st century, but while it was actually happening in the 1960s, it was more blah than beautiful.

The Baltimore Symphony Showhouse

Twenty designers are participating in this year’s Baltimore Symphony showhouse at Mayfair, a historic estate in Timonium, Maryland. This is its last weekend!

My Mom’s Over-the-Top Decorating

The late decorator Bob Waldron adorned two houses for my late mother in the 70s and 80s. He inspired the exuberant decor in her most recent house—and the one she loved best.