Paul Corrie’s Tan, Rested and Ready Design

As I sit here looking out the window at the gray sky, with naked tree branches bending in the cold wind, I’m (naturally) thinking about where to go to get warm. But you don’t want to fly south with pasty skin, do you?? Time to head to the tanning salon:

All Photography by Denis Largeron

But of course, Fit to Be Tan is not just any tanning salon. It’s designer Paul Corrie‘s foray into career multitasking with a combination salon and interiors boutique, all wrapped up in one. As Paul has pointed out since he opened last year, the two are not all that different — appearance is important, he says, not just on your person, but in your home.

That’s why you can tend to both matters here at 1626 U St. NW, fittingly close to the bustling 14th Street design district. Everything, down to the chest that holds your towels outside the tanning both, is for sale.




Paul tells me that the business has grown a lot in the first year, and he’s shared a recent project in Mount Pleasant for which he sourced many of the antiques from the U Street studio.

His client, Oliva, found him through a mutual friend, and she needed help with a house she inherited from her late father. She told Paul, who’s known for his restrained use of color, that she wanted a “Brad Goreski POC,” referring to Bravo’s celebrity stylist and his penchant for Pops of Color.

Using his own wares mixed in with budget-conscious sources such as Ballard Designs and Wisteria, here’s how Paul delivered:


I love this detail from the coffee table, below. Paul is particularly skilled at creating lovely vignettes:


Olivia has a large collection of crocks and pottery, which she also inherited from her dad, but they were previously scattered throughout the house. Paul brought them together, as you see above, “to showcase them in a more modern way as the ‘art’ of the home,” he says. Here’s another grouping in her dining area:


The up-close effect is beautiful as well:

I’m not sure Brad Goreski himself would live here, but I love how Paul inserted color through the crockery collection, and with artfully placed floral arrangements, china, and singular statement pieces such as the blue sofa. Nature also contribues out back:




Once again, looking at these beautiful summer pictures on this cold day makes me mourn my own purple hydrangeas, but alas, they’ll be back soon enough. Like Paul says, however, appearance is always important, no matter the time of year. Maybe I DO need a little tanned glow to keep me going until it’s warm again, and I can pick up a few accessories for my family room in the process…

I’ll leave you with the nice picture of Paul and Oliva, his happy client. Thanks for sharing!




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  1. Thanks for the great post I love following you blog and seeing DC through your eyes. I have been there and I loved it. The history and the parks were amazing. Thanks for posting and I love waiting for new posts.

  2. Amazing design. The clients look really satisfied!