Jackie Kennedy’s Georgetown House for Sale

If walls could talk, this 222-year old mansion in Georgetown would have a lot to say.

Washington Fine Properties

Washington Fine Properties

Located at 3017 N Street NW, it was most famously—and perhaps most briefly—occupied by Jackie Kennedy and her two young children immediately following JFK’s assassination. She moved to New York less than a year later to escape the tourist buses  and curious passersby.

Now, just a day after the trailer was released for “Jackie,” a biopic starring Natalie Portman, Washington Fine Properties has publicly listed the home with photos, according to this post in Washingtonian Magazine this morning. It was privately listed in June for $9.75 million, and now it’s down to $8.995 million.

Washington Fine Properties

Washington Fine Properties

Kennedy’s departure from the home didn’t end its story, not by a long shot. It was ultimately purchased in 1975 by the 1951 Miss America, Yolande Betbeze Fox, whom DC society chronicler Carol Joynt called “the last of the Georgetown Grand Dames” when she died this past February.

But the best part of Joynt’s story was the detail that Fox changed almost nothing from Kennedy’s time during her long residence there. In fact, there apparently are still bolts of fabric in the basement that decorator Billy Baldwin had chosen for a renovation before the Kennedys made their hasty exit to New York in 1964.

There are precious few images out there that depict this home when Jackie lived there, but from what there is, it appears the layout remains pretty much the same:

Washington Fine Properties

Washington Fine Properties

The wallpaper’s gone, but those beautiful transoms around the front door are still intact, though this old picture suggests maybe there was storage behind them at one point? (I found all these old photo on Pinterest)



The huge portrait on the wall is of the most recent owner, Yolande Bebeze Fox.

The huge portrait on the wall of the living room is of the most recent owner, Yolande Bebeze Fox. It’s got the same wall of windows set into a wide niche:


The present-day niche is updated, however:

Washington Fine Properties

Washington Fine Properties


Carol wrote in her story that Fox’s bust of George Washington looks across the street to the mansion shared by Sally Quinn and the late Ben Bradlee.

Washington Fine Properties

Washington Fine Properties

It looks like she didn’t care for the built-in shelving on either side of the fireplace:



Washington Fine Properties doesn’t show the kitchen in the listing, but I’m guessing that was also probably updated over the years. Note the sad caption:



And here is the old library, not pictured in the real-estate listing. I’m hoping that nice fireplace and built-in shelving is still there (minus the shotgun!)

old-library Sigh. I love standing in an old house and imagining the people who’ve lived there before, and what could have happened in those rooms. I can only imagine the incredible sadness that was here—which was surely replaced by much joy and lots of parties for decades when Mrs. Fox lived there. A paradox of history.

And speaking of history, here is that teaser that just came out for “Jackie.” The movie covers the assassination, so perhaps it contains a set resembling this house?

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  1. As we are learning (or confirming) money does not buy class but Mrs. Kennedy was the epitome of taste and elegance and class and I am so looking forward to the movie as I was a young 6th grader when the assassination took place and I have vivid memories to this day of all the events that took place over the next several days. Thanks for posting this, I saw the house when I was in DC several years ago but it is nice to see the interiors.