C. Wonder Sends Swag

Normally, I’m not this susceptible to swag. But what’s a girl to do when she gets THIS in the mail?

and opens it (on her appropriately matching kelly-green bedroom rug) to find THIS?

And I must confess, I already wore the monogram belt today, and it’s fabulous. Even more fortuitous — my husband’s name is Jim, so the “J” wine stopper is perfect for both of us. (Did I mention that my college dorm voted me Most Preppy at our Senior Dinner?)

So yes, full disclosure — these products were given to me without solicitation or fore-knowledge, but they were received with absolute delight. Now, I can’t WAIT to head over to the new C. Wonder store at Tysons Corner. Even their marketing materials are happy and brilliant:


To say nothing of the styled images on their Web site:



So, I’m going to go pour myself a glass of wine now, and cork the bottle with my new wine stopper, and promptly place C. Wonder at the top of my Christmas shopping list.

Thanks, C. Wonder!

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  1. We were killing time in Tysons this weekend before a movie and happened by the new C Wonder store. Lemme tell you, I was all gushy over everything. Everywhere we looked, I saw something cute and bright and preppy that I loved. And what’s even funnier is that everywhere Doug looked, he saw something he loved. And he is not a shopper. At all. Seriously, go there very fast. Like tomorrow. It’s, um, wonderrful.