Who’s that there, hiding behind his FABULOUS NEW BOOK?

Yes, it’s Jonathan Adler, at his new Georgetown store opening last night! And even though there was a jillion people at the party, he sat down with me to chat about DC, design, and “making stuff.” Here he is, out in the open:

Jonathan and (to borrow from the book title) his Happy Chic pottery, furniture and accessories have become such a hot commodity that Georgetown is his 23rd store to open. This year alone, he’s brought his look to Minneapolis, Boston, Dallas, Portland, Denver, here, and next week, Westport, CT.

“Georgetown has always been on my radar, and red, white and blue has always been my favorite color scheme, so it’s nice to be where it all started,” he told me. Hence, a lovely homage to our hometown right inside the front door:

Seeing as the store occupies space once held by a Baby Gap on Wisconsin Avenue, I commented on how hip we seem to be getting here, coming out of a strictly traditional mindset. Jonathan, thinking in the big picture, attributed that notion to a nationwide trend born out of “an incredibly entrepreneurial age,” where people have the ability to self-publish online and sell their own goods through portals such as Etsy.

“People feel empowered to start things. You’re seeing all the voices come out that were squelched before. There’s so much more opportunity to make stuff.” Which is what he lives for. He picked up a brass peacock, a recent addition to his line, as an example.

“I’m obsessed with the brass peacock,” he said. “As a potter, I love the minimalism of it.” But like a proud parent, you can’t pin him down on his favorite piece. “I love everything I make!” he said, in a way that didn’t sound vain at all, rather, it sounded every bit like the kid who just had a great day in art class.

“What I wake up for every day is to make stuff,” he said. “I love making stuff I want to have, and I love it all.” With his new book, 100 Ways to Happy Chic Your Life, he aims to teach us how to inherit his own sense of wonder.

The layout of the book is fun and sassy — much easier to digest than your typical coffee-table book:

The real fun of last night was touring Jonathan’s cooool new store, so without any further blabbing on my part, here’s a tour:




I particularly love the store’s vignettes and accessories.



These paper chains are everywhere, so adorable.






flame-stripe flasks, to die for!!


What’s more fun, the packaging or the ornaments inside?


I’m not sure this would have been J.R.’s style at the ranch, but what an awesome tribute to the late Larry Hagman!

I’ve saved my favorite things for last — the “whispers” you see all over the walls, in unexpected places, that just put a smile on your face as your browse:



With the kids’ section, love these whimsical words!

And my all-time fave (and so true, no??):

I’ll sign off now to go read my new book, signed by you know who:








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  1. Sounds like fun Jennifer, I should have gone too! Jonathan Adler just makes me smile.