Construction Chaos

The magazines gloss over this part: The dust, grime—and stress—of living through a renovation that precedes all the pretty pictures.

It’s Time for a New Kitchen

After many other renovations to our house, it’s time to tackle the kitchen—for the second time since we moved in. We’ve asked Nadia Suburan of Aidan Design to help.

A Bonsai Kitchen Garden in Reston

Designer Victoria Feldman incorporates her client’s bonsai collection into a new kitchen design for his home in Reston.

Landis Construction’s Before and After Kitchen

I love seeing transformations that just stop you in your tracks. And it’s not like the space has to be big or grand, either, as we see in this 30’s-era apartment redo in DC that Landis Architects and Builders just completed for a client. The most dramatic before-and-after was in the kitchen/dining area. Here’s the original layout: […]

Hollin Hills Delight with Brian McGarry

I’m in before-and-after mode this Labor Day weekend, especially since this kitchen project in Alexandria’s Hollin Hills neighborhood is such a dramatic transformation. Kitchen and bath designer Brian McGarry helped the owners go from here: To here, much more in keeping with the Hollin Hills Mid-Century vibe: More on this specific project in a moment. First a note […]