On Walnut Hill: Four Seasons of a Maryland Garden

As we’re hunkering down for this historic snowstorm that’s coming our way, my mind is wandering toward springtime and flowers. Adept as I am at killing any plant that comes my way, I nonetheless have deep affection and appreciation for gardeners who can create whole new worlds outside their back doors. That’s why I was so […]

1 House + 2 Photographers = Stunning Perspectives

When I was an editor at Washington Spaces, I was fortunate to meet Jim van Sweden of the renowned Oehme van Sweden landscape architecture firm — he is known for the “new american garden” aesthetic, and you can see the firm’s work notably at the Martin Luther King Jr. and World War II memorials downtown. […]

Roger Foley’s Winter Photography

I’m sure we’ve all taken pictures of all the snow by now, but I’m also sure our collective snapshots don’t amount to THIS: Landscape photographer Roger Foley, who lives within jogging distance of us in Arlington, told me he would send me some of his snaps from our recent snowstorms. The picture above is the […]

Puerto Rican Inspiration, Part II: Richard Arentz’s Home

I’ve never been so excited to have a flight cancelled. I got an extra day  of sun in Puerto Rico, and finally arrived back in the tundra last night, whereupon I started digging out my poor boxwoods at midnight. I hope they survive! But I digress. While I was gone, I received more more pictures […]