Before and After with Architect Richard Leggin

Shame on me. I was just going through my files when I found a CD that architect Richard Leggin had given me last year, full of wonderful before and after pictures of his work. I first got to know him in the context of a renovation project he did, which was decorated by Fiona Weeks. Then I had the pleasure of spending an afternoon with him, as he talked about all the historic structures he lovingly restores — and improves for modern times.

Not least of which is his own office in Glen Echo, MD.

Here’s where he started:

He lifted up the original structure to make room for a basement office and also allow more natural light into the upper levels,

And HERE is where he ended up:

And now that I work in a basement office, with NO natural light, I can so appreciate the benefits of light, open spaces in a work environment. Who is that group who sings “Heeey, Jealousy…” ?


This lovely work space obviously inspires the designs Richard Leggin and his staff create for their clients. Richard shared these images of a Shenandoah farmhouse. It’s one of those properties where the real estate agent would tell you it had “potential.”

Lots and LOTS of potential…

So, like he did with his own Glen Echo office, he took the house down to its original structure, preserved it,

and then restored and added to it — better than it ever was before.


The interior architecture nods to the home’s history, but lives firmly in the present, with high ceilings and spaciousness:



And last but not least, the kitchen — yum!

I could cut and paste all the photos of Richard’s work from his Web site, but I urge you to go there and check out his gallery for yourself — you are in for a treat.





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    It’s amazing.
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  2. Jennifer these are stunning transformations, thank you for bringing them to us. I also love your posts and read every blog. My daughter is living in D.C. area and I get to back East to see her often and really love the area. I would love to have some ideas of the best areas to be able to just leer at the historic architecture, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you Kathy

  3. Hi Jennifer,
    How are you? Great makeovers. I met Richard years ago on a possible redo. He really did a great job on these houses!