A Trip Down Memory Lane with Ken Wyner

My former editor, Trish Donnally, just sent me a link to the new Web site of photographer Kenneth M. Wyner, who had done gorgeous work for Washington Spaces through the years. I was overjoyed to see a section of his site dedicated to the work he did for us, which includes images that never made it into the magazine. Here are some of my favorites:

Designer Frank Babb Randolph, early Spring '06

Another room in Randolph's home.

Designer Barbara Hawthorn, Hopkins & Porter Architects, Winter '09

Inside the house above -- a shot that never made the magazine.

Bruno Freschi, Architect, early Spring '06

Freschi's home studio in the house above.

A "party barn" in Leesburg, VA by Blackburn Architects, early Winter '06

Private residence

Watergate remodel by Ponte Mellor Architects, early Winter '09

Another angle of the Watergate condo. Neither image made it into the magazine layout.

Designer Dana Tydings, Fall '06

Designer Dana Tydings, Fall '06

Ponte Mellor Architects, Spring '07

What a cool ride that was. Thanks for the memories, Ken! Have a great weekend, all.


  1. Ken has an eye for composition that is exceptional and unique to his work. I can always recognize a Ken Wyner photo because it literally reaches off the page and grabs you. You can not turn the page without stopping to admire the image.

  2. The private residence is actually my living room, which he shot just right. Ken is one of the best in the business, and I’m proud to see my home in his portfolio.

  3. These photos show a great variety of “Spaces.” I particularly liked Bruno Freschi’s studio. I just wish I had that kind of studio space.

    I really like the unexpected pops of color in a lot of these.

  4. THe house shown in the third photo is just incredible. A little piece of heaven. Love the use of wood timbers with walls of glass.

  5. What a great walk, thanks for sharing. I agree w/ Jeanette on the 1st image. I have been collecting dining room inspirations on the use of different woods/painted finishes together for quite sometime now for a post, and this one is beautiful and will definitely be added to the collection.
    His photography is amazing. I was blown away at his twilight shots, along with many others. I enjoyed several of the portraits, he has a way of capturing peoples’ personality. xo

  6. The first photo is a favorite of mine. Just posted about it. Mr. Wyner certainly has a great eye for captivating vignettes. 🙂