Architectural Illustration: Maria Morga and Michael Hampton

It’s always fun comparing the architectural drawings of a room to the completed product — I especially love it when Candice Olson does that on HGTV’s Divine Design. But come to find out, there are other examples of great artists right in our backyard, and I saw their work in action last week at the DC Design House’s Bare Bones Tour. (See my post on the tour here.)

The first is Maria Morga, who is an adjunct professor at the Corcoran Gallery in color theory and perspective drawing. I first saw the work she did for Barry Dixon at the CharityWorks GreenHouse, which we published in Washington Spaces:

Then I saw her elevation for Victoria Sanchez’s room at this year’s DC Design House:

She also sent me some other drawings she’s done, and her clients aren’t too shabby. They include the St. Regis hotel downtown:

And the Greenbriar Hotel in White Sulphur Springs, WV:

Here’s one more of her interiors that I particularly like:

And now, Michael Hampton. When I met him on the tour last week, I had no idea that the beautiful sketches he displayed for the guest room he will decorate were his own:

And then I found out what a talented artist he is. Other blogs have featured his water colors in the past year, but I was seriously out of the loop.

Here are more of Michael’s room sketches. I would say this designer, a protege of Thomas Pheasant, is definitely in the right day job.


  1. Good color, good 3 point perspective yet somehow Ms. Morgas sketches lack depth, feeling or any sense of vitality. Really takes any pizzaz out of what these rooms and buildings could actually look like. Could she be any more blah?

    I don’t think so.

  2. What beautiful illustrations, and what an amazing way to make the spaces come alive for clients!

  3. These are amazing renderings…I love them.

  4. Architectural illustration is one of my favorite types of artwork and boy, does Mr. Hampton do it right. I wonder if he sells his illustrations? They are magnificent.

  5. These are amazing! Kudos to the illustors!


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