Arlington Artists Embrace DC Landmarks

If you haven’t already noticed from the title of this blog, I’m a nut for all things beautiful in DC — especially when it comes to depictions of our favorite landmarks. I never get sick of them. Even after living here my whole life, I still catch my breath when I go downtown and see the Capitol building rising from the National Mall, or the Washington Monument punctuating the blue sky.

I don’t have to look far for others who feel the same way. Two artist friends right here in Arlington (where I live) have works that celebrate our city: Cecily Corcoran, whom I’ve known FOREVER — we went to The Potomac School together in McLean from kindergarten onward; and Anne Lewis — our sons, who will start fifth grade this fall, are best buddies in school, and I first met her a few years ago when I enrolled Henry in her summer art camp.

Anne just started her own site (click above) to sell a calendar of her work, in addition to prints:


It’s so cool to see how my friends illustrate the same scenery, further illustrating what I’ve always known — our landmarks change constantly in the light, dark, stormy, sunny or foggy weather. They become different scenes altogether.

Here’s Anne’s Lincoln Mem orial:


And Cecily’s version:


Anne’s perspective of Key Bridge:


And Cecily’s:


Anne has a great print of the White House in winter, which reminds me of a Christmas card my mother has from the Johnsons when LBJ was in the White House — snowy silence:


And here Cecily is able to romanticize Interstate 395 — who thought THAT was possible?


And just as the Washington Monument peeks up above the highway in the image above, she also gives it a cameo appearance in this painting of Scott Circle on 16th Street (thank you to the commenter who corrected my earlier guess that this was Thomas Circle!):


And as we all zoom up and down Connecticut Avenue, Anne reminds us of the beauty that lies below in Rock Creek Park, especially in the fall:

I just finished writing some news updates for the September issue of DC Modern Luxury Magazine, which includes items about interior designers opening up their own shops in the area. One big focus for them is including pieces that were made by local artisans. With so much beauty and talent here, why look any farther?



  1. Yes thank you for sharing, those are very inspirational examples of what can be created when we turn off the politics and just go out and see the Nations’s Capital.

  2. Alexander Padro says:

    That’s Scott Circle, not Thomas. Looking south from 16th Street, NW, on the north side of the circle.

  3. So inspiring to see other artists’ work of our monuments, which I think are often difficult to represent in a non-expected way. These are all so beautiful and with quite innovative perspectives. I’d like to know how Cecily braved the traffic to get the view of Thomas Circle captured so well? I agree with you about 395. I’ve never seen it look so nice.

  4. Thank you for sharing! What wonderful images of the DC Area. I love to recommend local artists to clients!

    Cheers –
    Meredith @ Tuscan Blue Design