Guest Post: Jenn Verrier

Most of the talents who’ve done guest posts for DC by Design are, well, designers. But there are so many other professionals involved in this industry whom I think we’re missing out on.

Architectural photographers, for example, are the ones who create those images that we all salivate over when we’re looking through shelter magazines, and I’ve always been endlessly impressed with their work. Any of us can whip out our phones and snap a room, but it looks NOTHING like that same shot in the pages of a magazine.

I recently had coffee with Jenn Verrier, who was kind enough to share her thoughts behind the photography I was admiring on her website. Here she is to explain:

Jenn Verrier


Arlington family room by Liz Mearns

This home (above) was our last stop on a long day of shooting various spaces that Liz had designed. The light, which had become slightly overcast at this point, along with the styling and fire in the fireplace, created the perfect mood and atmosphere for this composition. It ended up being one of my favorite shots from the whole day! (Liz Mearns)


Master bedroom, designed by Mimi Wilson

This shot came together pretty easily. We got a little creative with the styling to tell a story within the scene, and the soft lighting provided just the right amount of ambiance to give a calming feel to this photo. (Mimi Wilson)


Breakfast room, console by Suzanne Manlove

Positioning myself outside the doorway to the room (and slightly into the closet in the hall), we were able to get a great composition that didn’t require shooting too wide, but were still able to capture the important elements of the space. (Suzanne Manlove)


Living room by Jeanne Goldberg of Inhabit Staging

This condo was going up for sale, and the stager wanted some new photos for her staging portfolio. I worked with Jeanne on site, as we viewed the scene through my iPad, to get the placement of the props just right for the shot. (Inhabit Staging)


Bedroom by Dolly Howarth

This condo in Ballston was full of color throughout, and the importance of this shoot was getting the colors accurate. We shot the space early in the morning, when the light was soft and indirect, to make sure the wall colors would be portrayed as the designer had envisioned. (Dolly Howarth)


Screened porch by Windmill Hill Design Build

This photo was of a custom-built home in Del Ray. The main goal of this shot was to capture the various textures of the brick fireplace, wood beams and galvanized metal roof.


Bedroom vignette by Andrea Maaseide

The tricky part of this shot was trying to capture the feeling of this master bedroom in a tight space. So I composed this vignette, which I think really captured all the important elements of the design without having to show the entire room. (Andrea Maaseide)

Thanks to Jenn for sharing her thoughts on these beautifully composed images. If you are a designer, architect, builder, photographer, artisan, artist, or any other design-related professional in the DC region, please email me if you are interested in doing a guest post. I love featuring talents in their own words!

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