Beach Dreamin’ with Jerry Harpole

Sigh. We just spent our last weekend EVER at my Mom’s beach house in Fenwick Island, Del. Alas, she sold it, so we got to spend one final weekend to both pack up and say goodbye to the place we’ve been going for 10 years, since the boys were babies.

I’ve been moping about it all week, especially after a casual check of rental units in Fenwick produces spaces like this:

After I’ve been spoiled with this:

So, I’m consoling myself this with pictures of OTHER people’s lovely beach houses. Twisted, yes, but I can’t help it — it’s like picking at a scab.

DC architect  and designer Jerry Harpole just sent me images of a multi-generational family house in Rehoboth Beach, just about a half hour north of Fenwick. And WOW. What an amazing retreat for these grandparents, their three grown children and spouses, and all the grandchildren. (All photography by Jerry’s nephew, North Carolina photographer Philip Schmidt)

After a day of beach time, which is just off this amazing deck,

The family can retreat to this living room (oh dear Lord, I’m eating my heart out!)

The art, the poufs, the throw pillows -- almost looks like some fabulous movie set.


The space flows seamlessly out to the deck -- and I love all the throws for when the cool breezes come inside.


What a great vignette at the rear -- I just love that art. And it's complete with baskets of towels for a spontaneous dash out to the water.

Jerry recently helped this family remodel the house after they had already owned it for 20 years. The new look, he tells me, was designed to achieve a “Funky Hip Grandma in Malibu” feel.

Mission accomplished:

A perfect entry for this Funky Hip Grandma!

When anyone is hungry, this kitchen stands at the ready:

I feel like Diane Keaton is going to walk onto this stage set at any time! I especially love the coffered beadboard ceiling with the lamps tucked up inside.

Here’s a closer look at the sink:

The vintage tea towels are too cute for words.

And here’s where the family gets to dine:

The shutters, pendant lights and sconces totally complete this space.

Even going up the stairs is something special:

The style here only gets more refined as you move up to the next floor:

I can't imagine EVER leaving my bed if I were staying here. This bedroom with its view is most definitely a dream.

Every detail is tended to here:

The window treatments, the porcelain lamp, the matelasse, the tulips... a gorgeous combination of details and texture and surface and color and print!

The master bath suite here is worthy of a four-star hotel:

I’m really glad Jerry found me — and the timing is great too, because another one of his projects, a Kiawah Island retreat for super sports agent David Falk, is published in the latest issue of Home & Design Magazine. I am incredibly impressed with his architectural talent and design aesthetic, which is apparent when you read that story and also click through all the images on his Web site.

So for now, we will have to live the glamorous beach life vicariously through images of homes like this one, now that we can’t have it for ourselves anymore!





  1. Jennifer Sergent says:

    Leslie, you would have to contact Jerry. I believe his web site is linked in this post.

  2. Where did you find the pendant lights in the 11th pic?