Gloria Blalock’s Christmas Designs

We all have our separate worlds: Work, Family, Friends, etc., and it’s weird when two of them intersect in unexpected ways. That happened when my designer friend, Glorida de Lourdes Blalock, turned out to be the mom of one of my son’s new friends, whom he met on Instagram over a shared interest in sneakers! All of sudden, Gloria was driving my son home to our house—and we had a terrific reunion after many months. Not long after, it was my turn to drop off Henry at Gloria’s charming Arlington bungalow one day, I got a tour of her chic living spaces that highlight yet refresh the century-old architecture.

It’s no surprise, then, that her Christmas decorating skills have ended up in a new book: Christmas at Designers’ Homes Across America.

Gloria’s living room is the only DC-area space featured in the book, but she’s in good company, such as famed Christmas-ornament designer Christopher Radko, textile and furnishings designer Joe Ruggiero, Dallas designer and blogger Denise McGaha, and New York furniture and interior designer John Lyle.

Here’s Gloria’s Christmas design for her sweet bungalow:



The book does a good job at featuring Christmas decor in all kinds of settings, from the preppy-chic Atlanta home of designers Lance Jackson and David Ecton,

To the creamsicle blast of Palm Beach designer Keith Carrington‘s abode.

(The above photos came from a post on The Glam Pad blog —it’s worth checking out!)

Christmas at Designers’ Homes Across America is available on Amazon. Merry Christmas, everyone!