Guest Post: Laura Fox

I’ve been following Laura Fox since she was a junior designer at a local firm, and then left to form her own business, where she’s already in high demand. She was kind enough to share one of the first projects she did on her own—a fresh, cheerful solution to a client’s significant space challenges with a tiny kitchen and bathroom. Take it away, Laura!

Laura Fox

Laura Fox

675 square feet. Yes, that’s right….condo living! My client had been living in his Alexandria condo for 10 years. What was once a bright, fun new space for him was becoming dark and cluttered.


He is by no means a messy person; he was simply out of room. Luckily for him, I love a good challenge! I knew immediately his kitchen and bathroom spaces were not being utilized to their maximum potential. These spaces had their original pickled cabinets from 1990 when the building was completed. They were stock cabinets, not made to fit the space. And the walls…. every wall in the entire place was the same drab salmon color!

We needed to create a light, bright, cheery space where he could entertain, and which would allow him maximum storage. We started to discuss goals and budget. This client, like many, wanted a quality product that would add value to his space if and when he ever sells or rents it out.

I quickly enlisted the help of Kayla at Cherry Hill Cabinetry to help us develop the concepts we had at the price point we needed. Once we had a plan, the client said goodbye to the condo he knew for four weeks.

The goals in the kitchen were to maximize space, get rid of florescent lighting, and make it feel bright and clean. To save on money, the client opted to keep his existing refrigerator, sink and range.


Boy were we able to find incredible potential in this little kitchen! We brought it all to life too, creating so much additional space, including a pantry, a double trash, wine bottle storage, and deeper cabinets. I chose a neutral-yet-masculine color palette as I knew it would make this space feel fresh and crisp. I also knew this was ultimately adding value to the condo if he were to ever sell.




The bathroom was no different. It was dark, with a low vanity and poor storage options, and no light in the shower.




By adding deep drawers and a drop-in sink, we gained functional storage. We also raised the height on the new vanity, added a recessed light in the shower and a new sconce above a decorative mirror.




After living away for four weeks, I met my the client with a bottle of Veuve Clicquot to see the transformation. He reminds me frequently how much he LOVES the new space and how much it has truly given him ease of life. A little decluttering and creating functional spaces can go a long way.


  1. Great job, Laura!

  2. Deborah Fox says:

    You did an absolutely fantastic job! I know he LOVES the new space! Congratulations!

  3. Mary Sergeant says:

    Fantastic Laura! I bet that was the best money he has spent on his condo, you’ve no doubt added value. Looks great and I bet he enjoys the added storage/functionality.