Guest Post: Laura Hildebrandt

I love teen rooms that are just verging on an adult aesthetic. Especially with girls, and maybe that’s because I don’t have daughters of my own. That’s why I loved this project that Vienna designer Laura Hildebrandt sent to me — she was tasked with turning a bedroom that had long outgrown its bubblegum-pink walls into something that a soon-to-be college student will want to come home to.

Here’s Laura to tell the story:

Laura Hildebrandt

Making the transition from girl to teenager has always been a tenuous one. Hoping to aid the transition, my clients in Great Falls hired me to transform their daughter’s room from a dark, crowded space to an open bright, sophisticated, inviting room that their daughter can enjoy for many years to come.

Cool tones of gray, lavender and white with yellow accents brighten the space. A new bookshelf adds much needed storage for books and memories.

Before: The Roman shades were the only items that made the cut in the final design.

Teenage girls love sparkle and mirrors, so I made sure to give my client both! A beautiful mirrored nightstand, a large full-length floor mirror and a sparkly silver pouf to relax on.


Before: No light, no sparkle.

We created dedicated areas for makeup and schoolwork, with plenty of space to move around.

We hope this young lady enjoys her new room design; it provides great inspiration for a future first apartment!


  1. Very cute and so bright. I would change the configuration of those items hanging above the bed and remove the stair-step affect or add a monogram or something to the mix to make the stair step make sense. Otherwise she is a very lucky teen.!