Jeff Akseizer’s New Office

It’s so great when you meet someone in the course of doing business who becomes a really great personal friend in the course of life. Jeff Akseizer of Akseizer Design Group is one of these people.

Jeff and I at the opening party for his new Alexandria office last Friday

I met Jeff after I called him last year to ask if he would design a room in the Washington Design Center’s DreamHome for 2012. I only knew him by reputation, and boy, did he live up to it with this “Mad Men” influenced lounge, which he outfitted along with ADG senior designer Jamie Brown:

Photograph by Morgan Howarth

So many designers (God bless them!), can be, well, divas in this line of work. Not Jeff, nor Jamie. They are totally low maintenance, get-it-done-without-drama kind of people. And they are so nice! 

They are also incredibly talented. They do a lot of commercial work, as you can see here with the model units in The Henry condos in Alexandria:

Photograph by Morgan Howarth


Photograph by Morgan Howarth

One of the reasons I’m so impressed with their work is that they are so good at integrating technology into design. Their DreamHome room, for example, is outfitted with a Control4 network that operates the lighting, stereo, and television. A motion sensor detects when someone walks in, and the entire room comes alive with music and “North by Northwest” playing silently on the screen.

He’s done the same thing in their brand-new office on Powhatan Street in Alexandria, and the surroundings (as much as I could capture with my dumb BlackBerry) would inspire anyone to do great design:

Lovely curb appeal, and the huge window lets in tons of natural light


Could the entrance sign be any more fabulous?


The other side of that window, where visitors can sit and wait for their appointment.


Inside these white lacquer desk cubes, the pin boards are all different — orange, pink, blue… and who gets to work in an office with THIS kind of lighting?!


The conference room — look closely to see the “ghost” chairs against the wall. Cool office envy, for sure!


Normally, I wouldn’t take a picture of a bathroom, but the hallway outside has Thibault’s “Croc” wallpaper, and how cool are those stripes inside?


Jeff’s office. (Note to self: don’t take a picture with BlackBerry in one hand and a glass of wine in the other!). Despite the blurriness, I LOVE the orange wall against all that white lacquer. And check out the fab carpet tiles!


“Fun in a Box.” This perfectly captures Jeff’s personality!


Jeff can control all the office lighting and sound systems (yes, they have music playing while they work during the day!) from his iPhone, all through the Control4 system.

Jeff was one of a handfull of up and coming “DC Design Stars” profiled in Washington Life last year, and for good reason — here he is in his own gorgeous home in Arlington:

Photograph by Tony Powell for Washington Life

Jeff’s not even CLOSE to 40 years old — that means, of course, he’s got so much great design to do in the many decades to come. No doubt we will be hearing a lot more from him, especially now that he and his design staff work in such an inspirational space!


  1. Lovely office design. Congratulation to your design staff . Keep it up!

  2. Glad to hear that . Jeff Akseizer seems a good guy. Anyway I love all those photos.