Mary Drysdale + American Standard = Luxe Bath Style

Quick — what pops into your head when someone says “American Standard?” The toilet, right?

I’ve just always known them as the company that makes toilets. Well, they’re trying to break out from that box (er, bowl), and they’ve enlisted six top designers from the United States and Canada to create bathrooms using products from American Standard’s new luxe line, DXV. The company will formally introduce the designs in a new publicity campaign on March 11.

DC designer Mary Douglas Drysdale was part of this group, and she created a vision in white:


“The bathroom is the most important private room in the house,” she says in a video DXV posted on Feb. 26 . “It’s about taking a bath in a luxurious way, and while you’re in the room, feeling taken care of, loved, and glamorous.”

Mary incorporates the tub, sink, plumbing fixtures and—of course—toilet from the new DXV collections. The look was inspired by a real-live master bath she recently completed for a client.


Artistic Tile’s Estrella Grande was provided by Architectural Ceramics.

“One of the features of this suite is a response to the question I’m always asked: ‘Where will you put my books and magazines?’ Hence, the reading-in-the-loo room,” Mary says.


The ceiling in the space she was given is 10 feet tall, which gave her the opportunity to “express luxury” through rich millwork and molding.




The starburst mirror is from Baker.

The new DXV line is intended to go up against other high-end brands such as Waterworks and Kallista. I’d say it’s doing a good job:




I have a feeling, though, that if we simply went out and purchased these products, our bathrooms wouldn’t look like Mary’s—or any of the other designers featured in the DXV campaign. That’s because she knows how to layer the basics with beautiful decorative elements, such as art, sculpture (in this case, from the Cross MacKenzie gallery on the first floor of her Dupont Circle brownstone)—and even something as simple as flowers.








To hear Mary describing her vision (and see tours of the other designer bathrooms), check out  DXV’s YouTube page, or just click below:



  1. Sal Nostik says:

    Beautiful books, right beside a toilet? (I hope the gentlemen are sober and have good aim.) Also, the paper books, pages AND bindings, will absorb odors and get quite nasty over time. Tangerines in the bathroom? Water filled vases, sitting on beautiful books, right beside the sink? Chairs sitting right in front of the toilet? Really? This isn’t serious interior design, folks. This is set design. it just doesn’t work. That is why our bathrooms will never look like that. They can’t. And, yes, I know all about styling a room for a photo shoot. But the problem is, if you remove these items, the room falls flat. Waay too plain. That’s why these elements were added. Beautiful but silly. Reality check time. Sorry.

  2. I checked into it and the photography was done by Kendall Photographs. What beautiful use of light! Looks like a fun project. Nice work Mary.

  3. WOW! I am so impressed. I’m also excited about this new American Standard line.

  4. We love seeing Mary’s designs come to life. The Baker Sunburst mirror is an icon and she captures the essence of glamour with the gracious placement of our product. Bravo from Baker Furniture!