EdwardFerrell + LewisMittman Furniture

I have known about EF|LM for a long time, as top designers constantly use them as sources for projects, but I had never seen their showroom at the Washington Design Center until last week, when Showroom Manager Annie De Meo invited a small group of designers and moi for an elegant lunch.

Designer Sarah Wessel sat at the single Roi chair at the table -- in this same upholstery, which matched her gray dress perfectly!

We all had a moment of silence for the company’s founder, Lewis Mittman, who had died at age 96 just two days before. Mittman’s son, Steve, continues as the company president and granddaughter Amanda (Steve’s daughter) is the company’s marketing and P.R. director.

All upholstered goods, such as this Swedish chair, are "eight-way hand tied," Annie told us, meaning the cushions will never lose their shape.

Lewis Mittman started the company making custom mattresses. Annie was telling us that they recently revisited their roots with an unforgettable order: an 84-inch diameter round mattress, 12 inches high, to be made for a 13-year-old boy!

The EF|LM beds are dreamy, and come in every style imaginable.

Speaking of bedding, one designer told me about a client she had where a custom bed she had ordered wasn’t quite right — even though EF|LM made it (by hand) precisely as it was ordered. The company took it back and made a new one for that fussy client. Incredible customer service.

This bar would just be smashing in my living room -- or any room, for that matter.

Annie made a sun-dried tomato pasta for our small group and served it with a huge platter of grapes and bursting-ripe strawberries — a perfect light lunch for a hot day. At least two designers made order inquiries before they left, so the meal was as effective as it was delicious.

The Etoile dresser -- what a great mix of different materials and finishes.

I left the showroom with their catalog, which has pictures (the ones you’ve been looking at in this post) that are styled just as precisely as the furniture is made at the company’s factory in High Point, North Carolina. One designer at the lunch who had been to the factory commented that you can eat off the floor there, it is so scrupulously clean.

My favorite -- the Library chair.

Annie said that once orders come in and the fabric for upholstery is provided, the piece is made in just two weeks. Compare that to 12 weeks for most companies.

Another favorite of mine -- the Saddle Bag lounge chair.

Annie, who has worked with other furniture manufacturers, says this one is different in that she can phone the president — and reach him — at any time. She speaks to Steve Mittman a couple times per week.

The Branch cocktail table -- how elegant.

Pulling back on the full room, with the Rue Cambon sofa.

She also told us that she can reach the individual who is building a piece of furniture she ordered to discuss finishes, upholstery, or whatnot. At some other companies, showroom managers aren’t even told where the pieces are made, much less who is making them.

The Etnico chair.

Everything for residential use is made in North Carolina. The company is also producing a lot of furniture for hospitality (hotels, etc.), which is made in China. Steve Mittman travels there every two weeks to oversee the work. I can’t imagine what that does to his inner clock!

The Kennedy sofa

I’ll part now with more photos of EF|LM furniture — I was struck by how many kinds and styles of furniture they make, and this is only a tiny sampling.

The Chimney wing chair.

The Lucien chest.

Pershing chairs

Rochefort Bergere chair

St. Louis console.

Durham sofa -- love at first sight!

You can visit the company Web site here: EdwardFerrell + LewisMittman, or the showroom site at the Washington Design Center.


  1. You had me at “incredible customer service”. I love the marriage of contemporary and historical context. The Durham Sofa is divine. EFLM is a must visit. Thanks for this post!

  2. I just revisited them again a few months ago and was so impressed with their new fashionable style!!!

  3. Great Story! I enjoyed readig and learning a bit more about EL/FM Line of furniture that I didnt know already!

  4. Wow, I love the last photo of the leather sofa. So sleek and elegant. Your lunch sounded like it was fabulous. What an honor! Thanks for sharing the photo’s.