Etageres: Splurge Or Save?

I was so excited recently when The Washington Post reached out and asked if I could provide some product picks for its weekly Splurge or Save feature in the Local Living section. This one was easy, since I had just moved, and had splurging and saving constantly on my mind!

The topic of today’s feature is etageres. They’re fantastic because they’re decorative in themselves, and you can take them with you when you move. The ones we chose for our kitchen/family room—the Sawyer leaning shelves from Crate & Barrel, weren’t part of today’s column, so here they are:

Those were our “save” choices. But because we had gotten so spoiled by built-in shelving in our old house, we chose to “splurge” in what we now call the library, with custom floating shelves that incorporate a desk area and a cabinet for TV and stereo components.

I love this corner—it incorporates a painting by my great-grandmother, a really cool lamp from West Elm, and a gorgeous, comfortable chair from Willem Smith out near Mosaic District in Fairfax.

(The shelves wrap around to the right, where we have our record albums, but we’re not quite done with that shelf styling!)

But back to etageres. Here’s a taste of what’s in the paper today (all links to the products are in the WaPo column, right here:





The Post didn’t have room for all my picks, so here are some bonus products:

We all know the $199 Ikea Kalax shelving—who hasn’t had that in their first apartment?


But here’s a beautiful grownup version— the LAXseries bookshelf  for $1,980 at YLiving, in case you’re ready for an upgrade to English walnut:


And how sweet is this Skinniest Island Bookshelf from Maine Cottage, for $1,290?

Too much? Well, you can get a similar look with the Windham bookshelf from Target for $118.99:


OK guys, I’m signing off until after Christmas — have a peaceful and restful week!


  1. Jennifer, the etagere selections you chose are fantastic, and I love these peeks into your beautiful home!