Furniture by Modern Rust

I really wish I had known about Shadi and Bahram Sadighian while I was writing my “Where Did You Get That?” article in this month’s Washingtonian. Their Modern Rust line of furniture, which the couple builds from scrap wood is, as the name suggests, modern and rustic at the same time.

The line came about naturally, from the Sadighians’ main company, Living Storage Quarters, which offers modern backyard sheds — another line I wish I had known about sooner.

So let’s take a small detour from the main story to gaze that these very cool little structures:

Construction of these sheds left behind a certain amount of scrap and unusable wood, but Bahram didn’t want it to go to waste.

“He would just bag them and bring them home — we had bags and bags of this stuff,” Shadi says. “We just starting making things around the house that we couldn’t find in stores.” Little by little, of course, people started finding out and asking for pieces of their own.

“Because of the [reasonable] price point, it sort of hit a chord,” Shadi says. And let’s not forget the handmade element — that custom quality that people prize so much these days, especially in a tight economy, where they want to spend their money on things that are meaningful.

Here are some more images taken from the homes of Modern Rust customers:

The work is just as meaningful to the Sadighians, who live and work in Alexandria. “It’s a lot more gratifying than anything I’ve ever done before,” Shadi says.

I’ll close with the endearing portraits of Shadi and Bahram. I’m so excited to add one more name to my growing list of local furniture makers.




  1. You have shed a ray of sunhnsie into the forum. Thanks!

  2. They just built a shed in my backyard. Excellent workmanship, very creative and just a great job all around.

  3. I must say that I really do like that dining table – it offers a very rustic almost earthy style. I’m not too sure if the cream chair work with the whole setting.

  4. Forget the table and chairs (although they are beautiful in their own rustic way) I want that shed by the pool! What a perfect “ladies getaway” that would make in my backyard. Oh to dream.