Product Picks

In the years since I’ve been writing this blog, I haven’t done many posts on products. Don’t get me wrong — I LOVE writing about them, especially for magazines, as I’ve done most recently for Washingtonian—right here. But my reasons for not blogging about them were more technical: It’s simply too boring to scroll vertically through image after image of product, in my opinion at least. But I finally discovered Canva, a website that allows you to build photo collages that’s MUCH easier to use than Photoshop. So here’s my first try, using new products that are coming out this spring from some of my favorite manufacturers. Click each photo to go to the site.

  • Fireclay Tile. I’ve got tile on the brain these days because we’re starting the process of re-imagining our kitchen. I’ve loving the glazed, organic quality to these new designs. Locally, you can find this line at Architectural Ceramics.
  • Fireclay TileNoir. Whenever I go down to High Point, I’m sure to run in to my DC designer friends in this showroom. It’s known for its moody colors and striking forms. You see Noir up close and personal at one of my favorite (and most whimsical) design boutiques, Decorium Gift & Home in Alexandria.



  • Middle Kingdom. I’ve known—and written about—Bo and Allison Jia for a long time, and own several of their porcelain pieces, which are hand-crafted in China. They live in Georgetown, and you can see many of their bowls and pots on display at Susan Calloway’s gallery on Wisconsin Avenue.


  • Prima Alpaca. I first met Sandra Jordan, whose Prima Alpaca lines are even softer than cashmere, at a dinner at designer Mary Douglas Drysdale’s house near Dupont Circle. I have been in love with her fabric collections ever since. Sandra’s new Casa de Campo line ranges from deep texture to “light as air” sheers. Mmmm. Designers: you can find them in Kate Lluberes’ Evans & Sheldon showroom in Georgetown.


I hope you like this new product compilation — I’m still trying to figure it all out, but I want to continue to show more cool products here, because I’m always getting emails with the latest and greatest designs. Let me know what you think — do you like the logo on the collage, or does it look too much like and ad? Thanks in advance for your thoughts and reactions.