Casart Coverings: Peel-and-Stick Wallpaper!

I would have posted this last night, but I got sucked in by the mens’ figure skating! At any rate, I was invited to a breakfast yesterday for women entrepreneurs, and what a wonderful group of inspiring ladies. It was held at the beautiful Old Town, Alexandria row house of Ashley Spencer, the artistic talent behind Casart Coverings. These wall coverings are brilliant — they are like stickers in that you can put them up and peel them off without any wallpaper paste or elbow grease.

Ashley uses her own product in her sunroom.

Another view: this pattern looks slightly different depending on the angle you look from.

The business started in 2008, when Ashley, who is a decorative artist by trade, teamed up with her sister, Lindsey Wood, who lives in  Denver, and her mother, Lorre Lei Jackson, who lives in New Orleans.  I love that the Internet allowed the family to come together this way.

Ashley demonstrated how the coverings work — you just peel them of a backing (just like you would a sticker), and stick them up on the wall. If it’s not in position perfectly, you just peel it off and put it back up again.

Besides a book a patterns you can choose from, you can also give them a photo that can be blown up for an accent wall.

Designer Mary Douglas Drysdale liked the patterns so much that she used them in decorative vignettes for a recent lecture she gave in New York on green rugs. Here are two of her creations:

This pattern is a faux linen, which works beautifully with the rug.

This one resembles decorative painting.

Perhaps my husband Jim was encouraged by all the nice comments he got on the nesting tables he made for us, which I posted about the other day, but now he’s tearing down all the old, ripped wallpaper in our dining room  — the final vestige of the previous owners we bought from 11 years ago.

It’s a slow, painful process to get all that old paper and paste off the walls. How I wish (er, he wishes) that it were as simple as just peeling it all right off, like you can do with these coverings. Next time!


  1. Beautiful… It is nice to see that in the wide world of the web when it can bring a creative family together to create a lovely product. The texture, the color and the richness imbues such warmth by the fabulous vignette by Mary. Thanks for sharing a great product.

    I also was watching the mens ice skating and can relate how that was close to impossible to pull yourself away. May your husband find strength and patience that is needed with such a task. 🙂

  2. I just received an email this past week from the company about this product, I’m very intrigued by it. This post makes me think I need to give it a try!

  3. Thanks for the intro. of this talented trio! I started using “stickers” last year when small budgets and small spaces forced me to get really creative. But mostly for more whimsical applications, so it is wonderful to have this more sophisticated approach available.

  4. I viewed Casart’s demo on You Tube the other day and am amazed how easy it is to apply to the walls. I am contemplating a linen wall in one of our rooms and this may be the way to go. I was also intrigued that you can use the panels over again.

    Very nice!

  5. Oh, I’ve heard about this product. How interesting. I especially love the linen look!

    BTW, I linked to your Bradley-Hughes post today in mine. Hope it’s ok.