A Kitchen Renovation by Kristin Peake

I just love a good before and after story. To start off the weekend, I’ll send you off with a dramatic kitchen transformation in Potomac, Md., by designer Kristin Peake of Rockville. The gorgeous cabinetry was supplied by Jack Rosen Custom Kitchens, also in Rockville.

Here’s the finished product:

A new bar area and island replaced a "mom desk," which was moved to a study to share with dad. All "after" photos by Olson Photography

Now, look at what it used to be — an ’80s relic that Kristin brought into this century:

Here’s a shot of Kristin, obviously contemplating how she’s going to improve this space:

Now, look at the space where Kristin once stood. The window seat and chairs provide ample seating for her clients, a young couple with four children.

Kristin totally opened this space and brought so much light into it, along with lighter cabinetry, counters and furnishings. It just makes you feel like you can breathe again.

Here’s the old family room — blah:

And the new one — ahh! Kristin added bright beadboard in place of those sad shelves, and created space to hang the flat-screen TV.

And here are some more images of the working kitchen area — what a joy it must be for this family to use every day. The backsplash tile is from Architectural Ceramics.


  1. Many thanks for sharing such a wonderful information with us . I like the design given by you it will definitely improve the kitchen design.

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  3. Its really an awesome kitchen designing; well I’ll share this in my groups too..!

  4. Same amount of windows, yet amazing how much brighter it is now! Wonderful transformation. It shows why it pays to hire a professional for a redesign.

  5. Same amount of windows, yet amazing how much brighter it is now! Wonderful transformation. It shows why it pays to hire a professional for a redesign.

  6. Her father should be very proud of this girl’s talent

  7. Well, first of all thank you for posting this Project. It was truly not only a great project to work on but the homeowners were just a delight. In fact they just called for me to come back and start the design for their Master Bedroom and Masterbath, so I’m looking forward to working on that next.

    To answer Anne’s questions above: The tile is from Architectural Ceramics.It’s from Mfg. Walker Zanger : Grammercy Park color Heirloom white. We had them special ordered so it will take several weeks to have them shipped.
    The paint color is Benjamin Moore gray horse #2140-50 but be careful, photography can do alot to color and this room has an abundance of direct light from the entire back of the house which floods into the space and also makes the wall color appear a perfect shade of blue-gray but I’ve tried this in spaces without such natural light and it’s very different in hue , so just make sure you think about that before buying gallons of it.
    Goodluck and thank you again for all your positive comments~

    Kristin Peake

  8. Beautiful transformation. LOVE

  9. Great transformation and vision!

  10. Thanks for sharing these photos with us. What a beautiful space. Can you ask Kristin where the tiles behind the cooktop came from and the name of the wall color in the kitchen?

  11. Wow, wow, wow! Such a stunning transformation!!!!

  12. Her vision was fantastic!!!

    Such a beautiful ‘after’!!! Great job!!!

    Thanks for posting!!!