Jennifer Gilmer’s Deck House Reno

We moved into a house last July that was designed and built by a company called Deck House. Based in Massachusetts, they focus on post-and-beam architecture, and ever since we moved in, I’ve been obsessed with finding other Deck House homes in this area. So when I got an e-newsletter from Jennifer Gilmer Kitchen & Bath detailing a kitchen/family room/dining room reno in Great Falls Deck House, I was over the moon.

This reno, which Jennifer designed with DC architect Jane Treacy, is incredibly sophisticated, warm and modern. The zen-like landscape visible through the huge glass windows and doors adds to this chic and serene setting. Enjoy.

All photography by Bob Narod

According to Jennifer:

“The client’s goal was to create a new kitchen that retained the views to a koi pond animated by a waterfall in the rear yard. By removing walls to incorporate the existing dining room, this large modern kitchen not only retained the view but improved it.


“The island was turned and made longer so that it was in proportion with the new, larger space. Seating at the central island is directed toward the rear view and koi pond activity. The existing posts and beams remained their natural wood color which set the tone for the cabinets and counter colors. Floor to ceiling glass with 8’ wide sliders allows the natural beauty of the landscape to flow into the aesthetic of the kitchen and connects the architecture to its natural surroundings.



“A built-in breakfast banquette frames the woodland view at the front of the contemporary post-and-beam Deck House. The open transition between the kitchen and double-height living room allows the landscape vignettes to extend throughout the house, drawing the outside into the living space.”

Gilmer’s additions, including a large fridge-oven-microwave station with overhead storage,

And a wet-bar area,

tie seamlessly into the new and original architecture. Gorgeous, especially considering how far this kitchen came from its original state:



  1. What a relief – no white subway tile. My impression of this renovation is that the subtle color pallet has gone a long way to making the place very attractive while not beating you over the head with novelty and innovation. I like everything about it and it betrays a masterful hand. Ms. Gilmer and Ms. Treacy deserve congratulations. I hope their collaboration will produce more beautiful homes. Ann

  2. Jennifer Gilmer’s designs never cease to amaze. Her team is so talented. This space was truly transformed into a welcoming space that is modern and gracious. Thank you for highlighting this project! Cool to think about being able to have the doors open to the waterfall as you entertain. I can’t wait to see what’s next!

  3. Martin Thomas says:

    I would love to know the details on the center long and beam staining…..color and techniques used etc.

  4. Heather Bates says:

    I too would have turned the island! Great choices made this space wide open and love the window walls. LImited space meant stacking the oven right next to the fridge, which is not a great idea. Hot next to Cold. As designers, sometimes we have no choice.