Master Bathroom Dreaming

I guess I’m on a roll. Following my post last week on our renovations, I’ll admit now—we’re not done. We were blessed with a pretty big master bath when we bought this house, but it can be improved upon, especially because neither Jim nor I take baths.

So once again, we’ve called on our team at Aidan Design. They are currently at work on these “before” pictures:

Here’s where you enter from our room. The only thing we want to keep are the new Roman shades from The Shade Store, trimmed with a Jonathan Adler pattern. Nadia is thinking the cabinets should be in a mossy green, perhaps like the background of this trim-sample image:

Everything else will be in the gray family, so Nadia rightly points out that you need a pop of color. And of course, green IS my favorite color!

Here’s the kind of mood I’m after, which is on the ever-growing Pinterest board where I’m storing my inspirations:

This photo originally was posted by Studio e in Bratislava, Slovakia.


But before we get ahead of ourselves, here are some more before pictures:

The bathroom’s not offensive. It’s just not that memorable, either. I do want to keep the framed plats of Capitol Hill and Union Station, which we got a couple years ago from J.D. Ireland‘s popup shop at Union Market.

Here’s the real driver of the project: The tiny shower stall in the corner. My husband, who’s 6’4″, either knocks his head getting in, or stubs his toe getting out—or both.

The soap dish that sticks out into this narrow space is the source of regular bruising on my elbows. I’m knocking into that thing all the time.


The way Nadia is planning it, the new shower will take up the space that the tub now occupies. This shower area will be a set of drawers, separate from the vanity, which will remain in the same space. We can put stuff like underwear, workout clothes—even extra towels and bed linens there.

Here are the top candidates for what we want in this space:

Floor tile: The dark gray Aristocrat tile from Architectural Ceramics, which Nadia used on the floor in the kitchen she designed for the DC Design House:

The tile will flow seamlessly into the shower. The tops of the cabinets will be a solid-surface material that resembles concrete. And the wall separating the shower from the dressing-table area (the current shower space)—and this was Jim’s excellent idea—will be gray stone, to echo the large fireplace that anchors our main living/dining area off the entry. Here’s the elevation that shows this divider wall:

Slate-like porcelain, concrete, and stone. So THIS is what I’m looking at for the shower wall — the new Diesel Industrial glass tile from Architectural Ceramics:

Each tile has a mottled, distressed quality to it:

The question that remains is, will the tile borders be too busy with the stone divider wall, where the shower head will be coming out of? Jury’s still out. What we do know is that, instead of building in a bench on the other end of the shower, we want a floating teak bench, sort of like this (also from Pinterest):

Then there are the sconces — for over the vanity (there will be three, alternating between two mirrors), and over the dressing table.

Currently, this sconce is in first place for over the vanity, by Thomas O’Brien for Circa:


And I’m obsessed with Kelly Wearstler’s sconces for over the dressing area:


OK, that’s it for now. More to come as the project evolves. Wish us luck!

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  1. love your post about your process! I can relate to the ever growing Pinterest board(s)! Good luck, it looks like the perfect color/texture scheme given your house style and surroundings.