Which Kohler Faucet Will Somerville Choose?

I was at an event that Luxe Interiors + Design hosted at the Thos. Somerville showroom in Chevy Chase last night, and guests were asked to cast their vote: Which new faucet from Kohler’s Artifacts line should they start stocking? We all placed chips in one of three boxes for these designs:






SO, which faucet would you want in your bathroom? I have to say I struggled with this, but my eye kept going to the gear-looking faucet. I really like the matte-brass finish, and there’s something refreshing and industrial-funky about it. And the faucet itself looks like a genie bottle.

But there’s a saying among manufacturers that the product editors love to feature in their magazines never sell in real life.

With my real-life hat on, I would say the classic chrome faucet will win — it’s probably got a more universal appeal that will sell better.

Which one do you like? Post a comment, and when I find out who the winner is (hopefully later today), I will post my own comment to let you know.


  1. Paula, you guessed right! The chrome faucet was the top vote-getter on Thursday night, so that’s the model they will start stocking. Enjoy.

  2. No. 2. It’s totally charming with a unique slant. It speaks to a customization is king mind-set; and I think everyone is looking for a way to customize. No. 1 is lovely but perhaps a bit expected. No. 3 smack a lil of steampunk to me and while it’s cool, steampunk is not my personal fave.

  3. I’d have to say that I have been wanting the one in the first photo, the chrome faucet, as a replacement for what I have in my house, now, for a very, very long time. The gear one, that is photo 2, does look like something that will be the next big thing that everyone wants. The bronze looks what everyone was wanting. In my opinion, a finish that is on the wane.
    So my personal preference vote tips to photo / faucet 1, but photo / faucet 2 intrigues me.