A Snowy Day

It’s been a tough week, both for personal and public reasons, which is why it felt like a gift yesterday morning when we all awoke to a frosting of snow—the best kind, which doesn’t tie up traffic or close schools, or even require shoveling. It’s just, pretty.

My husband and I took a walk after the boys left for school, along the nature trail that’s in front of our house. For a brief time, it felt like we were a million miles away from everything. It was nice.





I’ll end with my favorite house along this route we take — from the trail that starts by our house to an offshoot that comes up onto a nearby street. A modern house in the woods on a snowy day, beautiful.


  1. Denise Capen says:

    That’s what I love about living in Arlington. It is so close to the city but you can find places of peace and quietness (well almost! It’s hard to avoid airport noise in N Arlington)
    Hope we can all find center as this chaos is very hard on my nerves.