Victoria Sanchez’s Garden

I seem to bump into designer Victoria Sanchez pretty often these days, and she’s always telling me about how her garden is growing. So I finally convinced me to send some pictures. Now that it’s cooled off somewhat from last week’s heat wave, gardens beckon once again — especially here, where Victoria’s collections of day lilies and hydrangea are abundant. Enjoy.

Wouldn't you love a garden this lush?

Not your typical hydrangea bushes...

I have NEVER seen this hybrid color on a single bloom. Wow.

Sweet and cheerful!

This is how bad of a gardener I am: I've never seen these lilies outside of a florist shop, so it's very cool to see them growing from the ground.

And now, Victoria is showing off her skills with photography as well as gardening with these captivating closeups of her lilies.

Let’s hope we don’t get slapped with another torturous heat wave so we can spend more time outside this summer.


  1. How beautiful!!! I fear my garden is getting way out of control. Gardening is on my list to learn and to study!!