Talking DC Design on Million Dollar Decorating

As a journalist, I feel most comfortable with notebook and pen in hand, asking all the questions. So it felt a little odd recently when I was the interview subject! But I was incredibly honored that James Swan of the popular Million Dollar Decorating podcast approached me and asked to do a session on all things related to design—and more specifically, design in DC. Well, yesterday that podcast went live:


Here’s what you’ll hear in the 29-minute segment:

  • My favorite assignment with HGTV before shifting my focus to design in the Washington region
  • How the DC by Design blog was born
  • Why DC design is not like politics in the manner that “all politics is local.”
  • My best advice to all the design lovers out there (here’s a hint: blogs, websites, magazines, and social media make it harder, not easier, to decide on a look for your home)
  • My favorite room in the new house we’re settling into
  • After family is safe, what would I save from a burning house? (Caleb Woodard, I’m talking to you!)
  • Why Alexa Hampton is my design hero
  • My favorite design books, by local star Lauren Liess and our mutual friend, Eddie Ross.

It’s a thrill to join heavyweights in the design field on this podcast, such as Alexa (see above); our own Patrick Sutton; Suzanne Rheinstein (whose Hollyhock shop in LA I just visited); artist Hunt Slonem (love his bunnies!); and Design Milk founder Jaime Derringer, whom I saw at the Design Bloggers Conference earlier this year.

Many thanks to Million Dollar Decorating founder and interviewer James Swan for reaching out. I’m a huge fan!


  1. Liza Jane Interiors says:

    Great interview!