Winners at the DC Design House

No contest here. According to the latest polling numbers over at The Washington Post, Aidan Design‘s Nadia Suburan (using furnishings and accessories from Victoria Sanchez of Victoria at Home), blew away the competition at this year’s DC Design House, racking up 817 votes for her deep-blue wine tasting room.

All photography by Angie Seckinger

All photography by Angie Seckinger




Nadia’s adjoining kitchen was a close second, with 741 votes. I ADORE the Virginia soapstone countertops.





Next in line, with 653 votes, are two of my favorite designers, Jeff Akseizer and Jamie Brown, who created this gorgeous family room that opens out to the pool.


Akseizer Design Group owns its own millwork shop, so they specialize in gorgeous cabinetry and molding in their designs, as you can see above.



The only other interior room to garner more than 300 votes was Victoria Sanchez’s family room off the kitchen. She’s got 334 votes so far.




Victoria is also a good friend, so I have to say that I have amazing taste in designer friends, thank you very much!

Coming into the second weekend that the DC Design House is open, I urge you all to go and take a look—the Forest Hills home is full of delightful spaces throughout its three floors, and the outdoor landscaping and pool are dreamy—hard to remember that this neighborhood is in the city!

For information on hours and tickets, click over to the DC Design House site, right here.


  1. Love this kitchen. Beautiful soapstone countertops!

  2. Jennifer Sergent says:

    Thanks for the comment, Lisa. I believe the counters are soapstone. Owners need to have a tolerance for dings, because it’s a soft, natural stone, but it’s one of my favorites. Nadia Suburan of Aidan Design could probably give you more information.

  3. Hi Jennifer,

    I love the kitchen too. The backsplash looks like marble…but it couldn’t be. Probably something that holds up well to heat and less absorption to moisture and oils. Any ideas what that is? Love your blog and have been a fan for some time now.

  4. Hi Jennifer,

    I was so excited to see a sneak peak of this years Design House. I am hoping to go by to see it later this week. Its no surprise that our dear friend Victoria’s room is gorgeous and sumptuously comfortable looking too! Cant wait to see all of the rooms in person.



  5. Jennifer Sergent says:

    Great point — I would love to know what others think about this approach. Readers, please weigh in!

  6. Jenifer,
    I enjoy your blog and look forward to seeing the Design House. Some food for thought from an old time designer of show houses…I think the design community at large, ought to resist the impulse for popularity polling per se, reporting what rooms have the most votes. This approach does a disservice to the House and to it’s generous participating designers, reducing their efforts to a polling number. Media show house coverage can often place emphasis in non-design worthy places, and this would be one of them in my book. Popularity speaks for itself, so better for you to draw attention to the outstanding qualities of a room’s design, illuminating viewers on what makes a good design in a particular space, and leave popularity numbers out of it. Just saying…