Getting Creative—and Funny!—in Real Estate

My husband and I keep joking that we should start a drinking game when we read real-estate listings: Drink every time you see “storybook charm!” or “sleek and modern!” or “HGTV worthy!” or … nearly any overused phrase you see in basically every listing.

So, how do you sell a new home without using all this tired real-estate speak—and getting us all drunk in the process?

Meet Greg Nitsche. He’s the creative director at Lyons & Sucher, a real-estate focused marketing firm in Arlington. They used data—that 93 percent of all home sales are driven by women—to produce this laugh-out-loud video, starring Greg himself:

I swear to God, I laugh every time I watch this. Maybe it’s because we just bought a house, and after Jim showed some initial interest, I totally bought into it and then became totally obsessed with it and then…

Well, we’re almost done unpacking.

In this case, Lyons & Sucher produced its video for Miller & Smith, a local developer and longtime client whose latest project is in New Market, Maryland, which is close to Frederick. Hats off to whoever staged this model house for the neighborhood, because it DOES look like the final reveal in an HGTV show:












Don’t you want to live in this house too? (Too bad it’s an hour away, but I hope I have Maryland readers who are closer!)

I’m just glad there are developers out there who know buyers—women buyers, that is—can see right through their “storybook charm,” and have produced some much-needed comic relief in the form of videos like these.