Bellwether Dry Goods’ Yummy Quilts

I don’t know where this comes from, but I have SUCH a thing for gorgeous quilts. When we were preparing the gift guide for Washington Spaces a couple years ago, I went searching for the perfect quilt, and found a delightful hole in the wall in Sperryville, VA. And thanks to Jennifer Bolger, who sent me an email recently about her mother’s shop in Lothian, MD, I have found another gem: Bellweather Dry Goods.

According to the Web site, Richard and Georgina Fries run the shop, which is near Annapolis, out of their pre-Civil-War-era home. They are apparently avid gardeners, and their home is filled with antiques. They say the drive out to their place makes a splendid day trip, and I believe them.

There’s something about a quilt that says everything will be alright, that you’re safe and warm — and happy too, which is heart-warming as I write this while Hurricane Irene is gearing up outside.

What you see on the Web site is just a taste of all that they have — and Georgina will create custom quilts, too. One of the things I adore about quilts (among so many!) is how they can take on such different personalities depending on the color and pattern you use.

They can either be somewhat traditional, as you see above, but these patterns below would be perfectly happy in modern interiors:


And not to mention children’s themes. This one is too precious for words:


And check out this detail:

As we ride out today’s storm, I can think of no place better to be than wrapped up, all warm, in a beautiful quilt. Once the weather clears, I need to put a day trip to Bellwether Dry Goods on my calendar.